Hollywood was established to create beautiful smiles. At Hollywood Smile dental clinic, we work with brilliant techniques.

Our clinic has all the currently available facilities to offer well-sanitized spaces, anti-infection transmission tools, and the most caring staff. We aim to provide quality service and personal care for our patients, served with respect and kindness. Since our patients are our primary asset, our mission is to build long-term, confident relationships.

Hollywood Smile Services


Oral surgery

with our specialized oral and maxillofacial team in our clinic, many surgical procedures can be performed.


Children’s dental treatments

some of the most important preventative dentistry treatments


Dental checkup

The dentist reviews the cleaning done by the hygienist, conducts an oral exam of your gums


Dental orthodontics treatments

Orthodontic treatment is a way of straightening or moving teeth,

someHowAteeth XD

Dental X-Ray

Dental X-rays (radiographs) are images of your teeth that your dentist uses to evaluate


About Us

The Laboratory is where a combination between Anas Alkhatib Dental Lab and Dental Blueprint Company. Combining a team of well-known experts in the fields of digital & conventional dentistry with the highest standards, qualities & techniques to produce a masterpiece that combines art with science and skill. Anas alkhatib blueprint lab. is ready to help you in all your needs for restoration. We are always proud to provide high-quality goods, customer support and specialize in complicated and comprehensive cases. The cutting-edge technology and quality materials are used by our experienced technicians in order to bring a beautiful smile into the patient’s life. Our dental laboratory has a variety of advanced equipment to create everything from veneers and crowns to bridges and splints, etc. if you are looking for dental implants or CAD designs for your dental work, we hope to be the right choice for you in Kurdistan and everywhere. smiles on most of our challenging patients. By using the most advanced technologies, we provide our patients high quality dental restorations.

Anas Alkhatib Blue Print Lab

Dental Veneers
Custom Abutment
Esthetic Case
Hybrid Metal Frame
Implant Case Metal
Muching Natural color
Our Layering
Crown & Bridges
Temporary Hybrid
Zirconia & Brdige

About Us

“Your Guide Towards Your Win”

Having expertise in the field that you want to invest your life working on is a dream for many or all of us.Not everyone is lucky enough to find the exact right path needed and not each person knows how to execute what they want.Education can be the major working factor for you to become perfect and Dental Blueprint has all the power and resources to turn your dentistry potential into real working career.The profession you love is not always easily acquired but that one boost will do most of the work.At Dental Blueprint, we believe all of you are extremely talented and passionate towards what you love; dentistry.It is just that one push you need to become successful.

The courses will not only lead you the right way but will also provide you with numerous and cutting - edge tools required at different points of each of the participants’ journey such us medical phantom head, suction, water and air however participants can use mediwork microscope during the dental operations.We provide many long - term, short - term and hand - on courses.Dental BluePrint does not only provide you the state - of -the - art equipment at our training center, but will also give you a chance to work with the most professional dentists in the region.It does not matter how tough it will be, with Dental Blue Print you will be able to conquer every defeat and fulfil every dream of yours.

Our Team

Dr.Khider Mustafa





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The course includes all current bio concepts for positive results of endodontic therapy.Hands - on... more

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Implant Dentistry

The course design allows you to gain experience of the use of dental implants and prosthodontics... more

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The main reason to enroll in orthodontic courses is that pedagogical and educational effort is ne... more

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Implant Dentistry

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About Us

We are proudly announcing our new brunch for providing dental equipment. Hollywood, we mainly manufacture items such as the dental microscope, dental chairs, dental digital scanners, furniture in dental clinics, etc. We strive with passion for providing answers to the delicateneeds for rescue with high-quality standards so that you and your patients remain secure in every situation. Our daily actions are evident in our reaction and dedication to the advancement of urgent medical solutions. That is what we are. That is why customers select us as their trustworthy partner.

Our Products


Dental Chair

To properly develop the work in a dental clinic, it is essential that the equipment meets a series of requirements and meets the needs of the dentist. On the one hand, its appearance must convey an adequate and professional image, but, in addition, it is necessary to take care of the well-being and comfort of patients and of the professional team that works in the office for hours.


Dental Microscope

A dental operational microscope (DOM), which became a requirement for dental specialists to use in 1998, was a key tool of endodontic (root canal) dentistry. In the last 20 years of dentistry, including periodontal (gum disease) treatment, restore and surgery, it has been adopted for work in all phases of dentistry for the past 2 decades. These microscopes are designed for viewing with patients during actual clinical work.


Digital Scanning

When it comes to setting the tone for patient-first restorative dentistry, digital scanning is your best way forward. Not only is it a faster, easier process with more accurate results, it’s also an investment in patient experience – drastically reducing intraoral discomfort and helping the patient better understand their treatment plan. The all- digital workflow of CAD/CAM dentistry starts by generating a digital impression of a patient’s mouth.